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Great teaching by Vidyabharti.Vidya bharti gives me more knowledge and inspiration to go one step a-head for my dream.When i enter vidya bharti i feel like i have entered in a new world.


I have joined vidya bharti to be a software engineer. Its my dream and i thought it can only be fulfilled here.

Ishant Negi

I am receiving quality education from here. The teachers here are highly skilled and they have there special techniques of teaching. I personally enjoy studying over here


Vidya Bharti is an Institution where i learned a smart way to study Physics , It becomes a cakewalk for me and i got 96 out of 100 in the Physics Quiz.

Chetan Gupta

I am fond of vidya bharti because here every one wheater rich or poor can study.There is no discrimination with anyone over here.

Manish Negi

Vidya Bharti is a platform which provides me with Quality Education , helps in groming my personality.Since I have started studing in Vidya Bharti my marks have increased.


Vidya Bharti Provides me more knowledge regarding my subjects.They provide live examples from day-to-day life.Vidya Bharti care for their students as their children.


I love Vidya Bharti as they provide me with Quality knowledge. they teach us so simply that we get things in one go.


I have joined Vidya Bharti to get extra knowledge. I don’t feel Vidya Bharti as an Institute, It feels like home.


I like the motive of Vidya Bharti which is to give education to all sections of society. I not only get education from here but also moral values.


I joined Vidya Bharti to accomplissh my goals, as Vidya Bharti is the way which encourage me to grow up with more knowledge.

Anjali Mehra

My aim is to be a game analyst , to fill my aim i have joined Vidya Bharti. The teachers teaching here guides us to go for the right path. In Vidya Bharti every occasion is celebrated with full joy and happiness.

Laksh Madan

I have joined Vidya Bharti to study well and score good marks. I am getting confidence to attempt oral questions in the class, also I am getting a good vocabulary.


Vidya Bharti provides me with friendly environment for studying. After joining Vidya Bharti my confidence is increased.


When I enter in Vidya Bharti I feel like i have entered in a new world. Vidya Bharti made me understand what my are special features.

Ankush Metha

Vidya Bharti has made education a fun for me. The teachers here are so helpful, they have answer to my every question.

Leesha Grover

I am the student of Vidya Bharti from last 2 years. In Vidya Bharti regular workshops are organized to know problems and suggestions of the students. I love to attend these workshops.


Vidya Bharti makes us feel better because here environment is very good and friendly and teachers are very helpful. I am never going to leave Vidya Bharti even after my studies. Vidya Bharti is like a family.


Purab Madaan

This is a very good place for the students who want to study sincerely. I feel very comfortable here. It is fun to study in Vidya Bharti.


The best part of Vidya Bharti Educational Institutions is that I am able to study and find the doubts on my own which i can clear very easily by approaching any of the teahcers. This is the best institute.

Vansh Garg

I find Vidya Bharti to my nearest location no matter where I shift. We are taught by professionals and they teach in a very innovative manner. I have improved a lot and now maths is my favourite subject. Fees is also very low if compared to the quality they provide. I think we all should attend Vidya Bharti for taking classes.

Priya Karn

Teachers are all professionals and are very strict when it comes to studies but they are very friendly and helpful. Studying is no more boring.


Here teachers understand their students and students also respect their teachers. ‘ A better teacher makes a better student, and a better institute creates a better society’ , Vidya Bharti is my inspiration and motivation. I like its workshops very much.


We are those seeds that are being nourished by Vidya Bharti. I get a home-like feel here and studies have never been this much fun before.

Vidish Dua

Vidya bharti is best in every aspect. We get to learn a new thing everyday which does not really happen in any other institute.

Sagar Janghu

Vidya Bharti is very different from other tuition centres. Apart from academics, we learn moral values also. My parents have also started to notice the difference in me since i joined Vidya Bharti.

Rohit Khatri

I thank Vidya Bharti and my teachers for making math a very interesting subject. Now i find it very easy solve mathematical problems. Maths was my biggest fear earlier.

Priya Arya

I never liked any institute or tuition centre as nobody taught me nicely. Here all my doubts are cleared instantly and they teach very nicely and in a very good manner. They also teach us good things.

Gifty Thomas

Economics was my weakest subject thats why i got a compartment in my 12th class results. Somebody suggested me to try Vidya Bharti and now i find every concept easy and interesting. Thanks to Vidya Bharti and team.

Lavish Ahuja

Since the day i have joined Vidya Bharti, my marks are starting to increase and my overall personality is also grooming. Credit goes to the Vidya Bharti faculty and weekly workshops.

Tejus Kavishwar

I was very much surprised by the fee they charge, even less than the nominal charges, and they made me even more surprised by the quality they provide.

Jagriti Thareja

On the recommendation of a friend of mine, i decided to take a trial class although i was taking coaching from somewhere else earlier.
But i was so influenced by the trial class that i decided to join Vidya Bharti instantly.
Today also, i dont regret my that decision. Thanks


Vidya Bharti is the place to approach when you are looking for something unique and worthy of your time.

Roshan Metha

Impressed by their facilities and the schemes and scholarships they provide on scoring good marks. Dat’s why i love to be a winner.


I am studying physics in Vidya Bharti Educational Institutions. Teachers teach here with very cool methods. And the best part is that the 10% of fees goes to charity.

Parveen Singh

I was very weak in physics but I am gradually improving since the day i joined Vidya Bharti. I feel very good here. They have highly experienced and talented teachers.

Chiranshu Metha

Vidya Bharti Educational Institutions is the best institute in Gurgaon. They have the best and sincere teaching staff. I am a 12th class students and study physics here. They make our topics very clear and easy to understand.

Shivam Pachouri

I am studying here since past 2 months. I love the way they teach. Every teacher is well-educated and well-mannered. I like their concept of weekly tests to know about the progress of each student. I am glad that I am improving.

Deepak Singh

Vidya Bharti focuses on every student individually which is one of the best parts of this institute. I like studying here.

Sejal Kapahi

I came to Vidya Bharti in 2014 by listening to someone talking about Vidya Bharti in the train. I took the class for 2 days,then because of some circumstances i couldn’t join vidya bharti. The topics taught me then are crystal clear in my mind till now. Now i am back in Vidya Bharti as i find my concepts very weak. I am working on the concepts here. The teachers here are very helpful they make understand the things in a simpler way and i enjoy studying here. My concepts are getting stronger and i am regaining my lost confidence once again.

Thanks to Vidya Bharti and the team.

Milind Jhanga

Tuition is the last option that i choose when i face any problem in my studies. But i had to because of my parents. Surprisingly I have started to love Vidya Bharti because it is not like other coaching centres. I enjoy coming to Vidya Bharti and i never skip my classes because its fun to study here.

Nikhil Sharma

Vidya Bharti is the only place after home where i feel good and comfortable with the fellow students and teachers.

Parul Mishra

This institute has solution to every possible problem. I am very happy that i am a part of Vidya Bharti.

Lakshay Tayagi

I am able to improve only after i joined Vidya Bharti Educational institutions. They teach in a very different and innovative manner.

Vaastav Vardhan

Vidya Bharti makes every topic interesting and we feel like completing them as fast as we can. This is the reason that i have started  reading on my own.


I am studying in Vidya Bharti since 3 years and i am among the top 5 students of the class. Being a topper has become an addiction.

Mayuri Tavatya

Vidya Bharti’s workshops are very inspirational and help me solve my problems of all kinds.


My 5 friends study here with me and all are very satisfied and happy with their performances. I am also very happy to join vidya bharti. I love the way they celebrate festivals.


I have recently joined Vidya Bharti. I found Vidya Bharti a wonderful place to study.I have learnt many new things in just few days.I feel happy to come here. I come here with my sister Priya Karn.

Mehul Karn

The notes that Vidya Bharti provides are very brief and concise, and can be very effortlessly understood. Gradually they are making me independent and i don’t even need to look at my books.

Somyansh Bishnoi
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